Having a Country Club Membership Has Never Been More Affordable

There is never been a better time for you to join a country club than now! Not only you will enjoy a classy social environment, but also enjoy the privileges of playing tennis, golf courses, polo and etc. Besides these activities, country clubs also include swimming, dining, brunching, and fun social events.

Let’s say you have a business meeting and are looking for the perfect location to take your client. You may ask yourself, where should I take them? Well, there is no better option than taking your client to play golf or dine at the country club.

Looking for the location of your dreams for your child’s reception or wedding? Look no further as the country clubs are favored locations.affordable-country-clubs

Another benefit of having a country club membership is paying substantially reduces fees for events you host or a waiver of room rental fees and etc.  These are only a few of the many benefits of having a country club membership.

The successful country clubs work as any other business. Many clubs have decided to cut initiation fees by half or not to charge initiation fees to attract new members. Why this decision? Because they want to keep their old members and to attract new ones in today’s competitive market. In most of the situations, food needs to be reduced and dues need to be lowered. In addition to dues, with the aging of physical facilities, more common estimates are imposed for maintenance.

This means that the expenses for the country clubs remain the same and the best way to deal with this type of situation is to take new members. The new members can compensate the loss of revenue from lowering dues and lowering food minimums. Suddenly, it becomes a situation where everybody wins.

The old members pay a lower fee, have reduced monthly food minimums, and avoid assessments for repairs and maintenance. The new members use the advantage of avoiding an initiation fee or they pay one that is already reduced. In other words, the new members not only avoid the initiation fee but have the opportunity to enjoy the various benefits of country club membership.

If you are planning on joining a country club – you timing couldn’t be better! Join the Flamingo Country Club near you!